Convention Agenda August 11-12th

 August 11

8:30- 9:45 

Fighting to Protect Immigrant Rights: The Impact of Anti-Immigrant Measures on Asian Americans  

10:00- 11:15

The Future of Journalism: Going Mobile   *Presenter Gil Asakawa 

- The Future of Journalism: Is Journalism a Sustainable Business Model?

- News Industry Lessons From Detroit 

- Authors’ Showcase Panel #1: In Conversation with: Grace Lee Boggs

11:45- 1:00

(Visual Storytelling I) Developing Original Online Video Shows

- (Multi-Platform I) Choosing the Best Platform for Your Story

- Watchdog Journalism: As Media Evolves, How can We Protect Journalism’s Core Values?

- Stories of Success 

- Keeping the Faith: Covering Religion in Diverse Communities 

- Surviving Small Markets 


- (Visual Storytelling II) Multimedia Video Gear: From What Reporters Need To Shoot Video To What Professionals Need To Get The Job Done

- (Multi-Platform II) Turn Good Reporting into Great Multi-Platform Stories

- Data Visualization: It’s Alive! Data Presentation that won’t bore readers to death

- Beyond Poverty Porn WS

- Working Abroad in Asia or the Middle East Workshop

4:15- 5:30

- Election 2012: Defining Your Strategy for Getting Coverage Out Accurately

- What’s Next for Journalists After the Newsroom?

- (Multi-Platform III) Speed writing for Multi-Platforms

- How Crowdsourcing Can Help Journalists

- (Visual Storytelling III) How to be a great Backpack Video Journalist: Workshop for both Reporters & Pro photographers

6:30 & 7:30

In Retrospect: “Who Killed Vincent Chin?” 

August 12 


- Born Across Borders: How International Adoption is Reshaping the Asian American Community

- Roundtable Discussion: Diversity from the Ground Up: The Role of Organized Labor in the Newsrooms 

- Google for Journalists: Get the Most from the Web

10:00- 11:30 

- NPR’s The Audio Cut

- Social Media I: Status Updates, Tweets and Geo-what?

- Executive Leadership Presentations 

- Covering Arab America in a Digital World 

- “Funding Innovative Ideas” Workshop

- Here’s to the Next Step…Management! 


- Tech Trends 

- (Visual Storytelling IV) Multimedia Video: Editing and Producing your video Package – Workshop for both Reporters and Pro Photographers

- (Multi-Platform IV) From Print to Broadcast: Be Everywhere and Be Successful

- Social Media II: Becoming A Social Media Maven

- Beyond the Scorecard: Covering the Whole Industry, Not Just the Game

- Journalists As Entrepreneurs: A Pitchfest 

- Retool, Rethink and Recharge with a Journalism Fellowship

- Authors’ Showcase Panel #2 I Speak for Myself: American Women on Being Muslim 


- Is Hyperlocal the Future or Just Local Hype?

- (Multi-Platform V) The Daily Grind

- Inspiration by Innovation

- Creating a Business…Called YOU

- The 10th Anniversary of 9/11: The Aftermath in the Arab American Community 

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